1. What do I need to do before the tournament starts?
1. You need to have an account on ICC (chessclub.com) and your ICC handle must be connected to your US Chess member ID. If any member of your team does not have an ICC handle by Friday, 2/12 5:00 PM, your team will not be paired for the first round and will be given a half point bye.
2. You need to be a current member of US Chess. If your membership has expired, you must renew before the first round starts.
We also suggest that you make sure you can log in to your ICC account with the handle connected to your US Chess member ID (especially to be sure you remember the password).
2. Are any half point byes available?
Your team may request a half point bye for either or both of the first two rounds no later than Friday, 2/12 5:00 PM. There are no half point byes for individual players.
3. Do I have to turn on my video for the Zoom call?
Yes. Tournament directors will monitor the Zoom session to ensure fair play (Official Rules of Chess Chapter 10 rule 4B1). You must have your video enabled at the start of the game, and it must remain on for the whole game.
4. Can I leave the room while playing my game?
No. The time control is 60 minutes for each player with a 10 second delay, so games should be done within two and a half hours (quite possibly earlier). Plan ahead!
5. Can anyone else be in the room with me?
No. If needed, someone may help you get set up before the game starts. Once the game starts, you must be alone in the room where you’re playing.
6. What are the touch move rules? What if a mouse slip happens?
The usual touch move rule (“you touch it, you move it”) doesn’t apply to online chess. But if you accidentally drop a piece on a square you didn’t intend, that’s your move. There are no take-backs or corrections for mouse slips.
We suggest turning off drag and drop and instead moving pieces by clicking the piece and then the destination square.
7. What if I’m late for the start of the game?
The game will start automatically as soon as both players are logged in. If you are late for the start of the game, the TD may subtract time from your clock.
8. How do I ask my team captain if I should accept a draw offer?
No communication with the team captain is allowed. (This is a limitation of online chess. It is not feasible to allow players to communicate with their team captain while ensuring players cannot chat with each other.) You will be able to see all the games for your team, and you will have to make the decision to accept or reject a draw offer on your own.
9. What if I lose my connection to ICC?
If you are disconnected from ICC during your game, log back in to ICC as quickly as possible. Your game will resume automatically.
If your opponent is disconnected, you will see a message that the game is adjourned. Don’t do anything when that message appears. Just wait for the opponent to reconnect.
10. What if I’m caught cheating?
We take fair play very, very seriously. If you are caught cheating:
• You may be expelled from the tournament.
• Your team may be expelled from the tournament.
• An ethics complaint may be filed. If you are found guilty, you may be given a lengthy suspension (for example, no online play and no over-the-board play for two years)
ICC uses fair play algorithms on all games on their platform during the game. Don’t give in to temptation – you will be caught! It’s just not worth it.
11. I’m stuck / something went wrong / I need help!
If you need help during your game, use the Zoom window to chat with your TD. Every Zoom session will have TDs monitoring the chat window.
There will be a Chess Control room available during and between games.