A Heritage Event!

Chess Magnet School Junior Grand Prix!

Five grandmasters has committed to playing in NJ Open!   The list includes three-time US Champ GM Joel Benjamin, GM John Fedorowicz, GM Alexander Stripunksy, GM Sergey Kudrin and GM Alex Fishbein.

AUG. 30-SEPT. 1 OR AUG. 31-SEPT. 1   68th Annual New Jersey Open Championship


All Prizes Guaranteed!! 6-SS, 40/2 d5, SD/1. Headquarters Plaza Hyatt, 3 Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, NJ 07960. (973) 898-9100. A luxury hotel including spa. Free parking. For chess rate ($109/night) please use https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10891130 for online reservations. Short walk to train station with service to New York and Philadelphia (via Newark). 5 minute walk to many restaurants and shopping. In 4 sections, Open Section, Gold U1900, Silver U1600 and Booster U1300. With 3 day and 2 day schedules. Prizes: Open: $1000-$800-$600-$400-$200, Top Expert & A: $200 and trophy. Trophy to NJ Champion. Gold Section $500-$300-$100. Top B: $100 and trophy. Silver U1600: $500-$300-$100. Top D: $100 and trophy. Booster U1300: $500-$300-$100. Top E & F $100 & trophy. All Prizes Guaranteed. All sections get these trophies: Top 3, Top Senior over age 55, Top Under age 16, Top Under Age 13. Unrated may win first place in Open section only. EF Early $68 if paid by 8/27. EF onsite is $80. $50 for re-entry.

3 day reg at hotel: 9:00am-11:00am 8/30/2014. 2 day reg at hotel: Sunday, 8/31/2014 9-10am. Rounds: 3 day Saturday 12:00 & 6:30pm, Sunday 11am & 6pm, Monday 9am & 3:30pm. Rounds: 2 day 1-2-3(G/60 d5) Sunday 10:30am, 12:45pm and 3:00pm. 3 Day and 2 Day schedules merge in round 4. Entries to Noreen Davisson, 6 Red Barn Ln., Randolph, NJ 07869. Email: Noreen@deanofchess.com. Entries should include name, USCF ID and expirations, mailing address, email address, phone, section and schedule desired and entry fee.

Current Entries

GM Alexander Stripunksy127154352656Open3
GM Joel Benjamin101025112634Open3
GM Sergey Kudrin112575852580Open3
IM Dean Ippolito124457522552Open3
GM Alex Fishbein120779102542Open3
IM Yaacov Norowitz125664962529Open2
GM John Fedorwicz106047372460Open3
Karl Dehmelt101641762255Open3
Roshan Idnani142208981996Open3
Kevin Chen126329691972Open3
Marvin Shumowitz100862811939Open3
Ryan Feng142151551884Open3
Joshua Guo143255421870Open2
Taran Idnani142209031863Open3
Nick Figorito140778361845Open2
Shiv Krishen Sethi133302681708Open3
Christopher Moravek139105441854U19003
Tom Schrade102482131838U19003
Donnally Miller125447211794U19003
Matthew Li142085351733U19003
Glen Hart124567651733U19003
Ron Grosseibl127341721711U19003
Evelyn Zhu145875171703U19003
Greg Tomkovich121146101682U19002
Nico Chasin149554711681U19003
Maxwell Weinstein137688901680U19002
Stanley Liu150573471673U19002
Justin Lee149517171645U19003
Jonathan Chin146870401621U19003
John Cartier142596001604U19003
Anthony Tang142679511577U19003
Steven Feng141303261572U19003
Albert Tang142679451559U19003
Yassi Ehsani147457871552U19003
Lucas Foerster-Yialamas150560771545U19003
Louis Sturniolo141303261526U19003
Claire Cao146726701521U19003
Glenn Jacobs139962861515U19003
Angelica Chin146870551529U16003
Mitch Fishbein146333461506U16003
Kenneth Jachewicz124975631459U16003
Tom Laconich132622941369U16003
Michael Weinstein147084931301U16002
Howard Prince124628631289U13002
Lawrence Constance126306171212U13003
Eddy Tian152492811167U13002
Thoshan Omprakash152044381074U13002
William Cige15068656872U13002
Abhimanyu Mishra15456104797U13002
Noah Chasin15457883unrU13003
Scholastic Sections    
NameSectionUSCF IDRating 
Thoshan OmprakashU1200152044381074 
Jessica LeeU1200149517021069 
Aayush AjithU120014956385988 
Winston Yuxiang LiU120015219584952 
Abishek KannapanU120015242156921 
William CigeU120015068656872 
Eric JinU90015312421845 
Aiden LuU90015278506814 
Abhimanyu MishraU90015456104797 
Daniel ShenU90015161618700 
Dylan DePrince VolinskiU60014892862581 
Ashwin KaliyaperumalU90015432987573 
Anish ReemalaU90015202281536 
Siddarth LalU60014890054412 
Jaysen LimU60015202803322 
Nithin JayakanthanU60015379748229 
Conrad LewisU60015466363unr 

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