Summer Conquers February!

 The all-scholastic team Summer Chess Academy for Talented Youth I, beat out three other teams on tiebreaks to win the 2016 US Amateur Team Championship, also known as the World Amateur Team.  This annual President’s Day weekend in Parsippany New Jersey event saw over 275 teams and nearly 1200 players battle for a variety of prizes, based on skill level, geography, team composition, and more.   The winning team was comprised of alumni of Grandmaster Gennady Sagalchik’s summer chess camp: Ethan Li, Henry Qi, Warren Wang, and Wesley Wang scored 5.5 match points out of 6.

The Board One prize went to Justus Williams of the ChessNYC All Starts.  The Board Two prize was won by three-time US Champion Grandmaster Joel Benjamin (Knockouts Reloaded).  Three people shared the Board Three Prize: Daniel Gordon (Rookie Cookies), Jason Shi (Hello Mate), and James Hiltunen (Meet us at the Brooklyn Diner).  Four people shared the Board 4 prize: Dan Rade, Evan Ling, Tyrone Davis III, and Sally Yu.  Jason Lu took the Alternate Board prize.

Last Round Title Match

Last round title match

Academy Talented Youth vs. Komodo Dragons

The tournament was sponsored by the New Jersey State Chess Federation.

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