From Montclair New Jersey come the boldest, baddest team in the PRO Chess League.  What calls, “one of the most interesting teams” in the league.  Featuring five Grandmasters and led by Montclair NJ locals, the team is Managed by Sean Finn The Sopranos are generously sponsored by the New Jersey State Chess Federation.

The Sopranos ended up playing nine matches and advancing to the playoff where the team beat the Philadelphia Inventors and nearly advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Below is a link to GM Mac Molner’s analysis of the five best/most important games of the year, including a near win over Super-GM Caruana from the final postseason.

Overall, the season was a ton of fun and we appreciate the support of the NJSCF in helping to make this happen. We hope that we can get people even more excited for NJ chess and help it however we can.

Link to the team website and interesting story.