The final report on the

     NJ Junior North/South Playoff tournament was hosted at Chess Kings and Queens Academy. The three final matches featured:

K-8 – Ryan Zhu (North) vs. Ben Lauer (South)

9-12 – Roshan Idnani (North) vs. Aravind Kumar (South)

Girls – Angelica Chin (North) vs. Diana Suralik (South)

The tournament format was a two game match with a G/30;d5 time control.  If a winner was decided in those games, there would be no need for an Armageddon game with white receiving five minutes to  black’s four and black receiving draw odds. 

Ryan and Benjamin (K-8 section) split their G/30;d5 games, with Ryan winning the first and Benjamin the second.  Ryan picked white in the toss, giving Benjamin draw odds, and Benjamin won convincingly.   Aravind and Angelica won both G/30;d5 games, the girls being the last to finish in each round.