May 7, New Jersey Senior Championship

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A State Championship Event! May. 7   2023 NJ State Senior Championship

Format: 4SS, G/60 d5.

Address: 20000 Horizon Way Suite 600 A, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Inquiries: (703) 989-6867.FORMAT:  3 Sections – Must be 50 years old by 12/31/20233

Sections: Open, Reserve (U1800), and Novice (U1400)

One ½-point bye available in rounds 1-3, must be requested prior to round 2.

USCF membership required. 

Entry fee: $40 online by 5/5, $50 onsite.

Registration: 9:00-9:45am.

Rounds: 10:00am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm and ASAP.

Open: 1st: $150 + Trophy, 2nd: $50 + Trophy
Top U2000, Top 65 and Over: Trophy

Reserve: 1st: $50 + Trophy
2nd, Top U1600, Top 65 and Over: Trophy

Novice: 1st: $50 + Trophy
2nd & Top U1200, Top 65 and Over: Trophy

Top New Jersey Resident in the Open Section will represent the state at the
2023 Irwin National Tournament of Senior State Champions
• Representative must reach age 50 prior to July 30.
• NJSCF provides a stipend to assist with travel expenses.



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