On Sunday, June 10, 2018 Chess Kings and Queens Academy played host to the NJ Junior Playoffs between the NJ Individual Grade 9-12, NJ Individual K-8 and the NJ Girls winners from the North and the South tournaments played on May 20. The format was two G/45;d5 one with black and one with white. The higher rated player in each duo would choose the color for the first game. If these games did not decide a winner, the lower rated player in each duo would choose color for an Armageddon game.

Mitch Fishbein won his first game over Vikas Rama (1889). Vikas came back to win the second game with white. In the Armageddon game, Vikas chose the black pawn so he had draw odds. Mitch triumphed with white to win the right to represent NJ in the Denker Tournament of HS Champions.


Mitch Fishbein vs. Vikas Rama

In the K-8 division, David Zhurbinsky (2063) chose black for his first game. He and his opponent Tejas Rama (2031) drew their first game but David was victorious with white in the second game, winning the right to represent NJ in the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions.


Tejas Rama vs. David Zhurbinsky

The Girls’ Championship was a battle between Sanjana Vittal (2200) and Angelica Chin (2053) who have both represented NJ at National and International Championships. Sanjana took the white pieces for the first game but was unable to win against Angelica who converted for the win. Sanjana took the second game with black. Angelica chose black for the Armageddon game. In a tough battle, Angelica triumphed to win the right to represent NJ at the National Girls Tournament of Champions.


Sanjana Vittal vs. Angelica Chin



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