NJ Representative to National Barber (6-8)

June 5 Qualifiers – NJ Representative to National Barber (6-8)

The tournament will determine the State of New Jersey representative and alternates for the Barber  National Tournament of Middle School (6-8) State Champions in July/August 2021.  Open to all 6-8 grades players rated 1200 and above.   Rating used: highest of USCF May 2021 supplement of regular and online regular rating list. 5-SS, G/30 +5. In one section:. Plaques to Top Three.  Top player will represent NJ at the national tournament.  Registration: Online at www.njscf.org $50 from 4/10/21 to 5/29/21. $65 from 5/30 to 6/2. Rounds Sat (6/5/21): 10, 11:30, 2, 3:30, 5pm. Armageddon game used in case off a tiebreak.  One 1/2 point bye allowed if requested WITH registration. All players must be on Zoom with at least a side view.  See www.njscf.org for full rules and details during registration period.  Email


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