This Memorial weekend saw the passing of another US Amateur East Individual event.  The little brother event to the ever-popular World Amateur Team saw a new time control this year changing to a slightly faster game.  The event drew 172 adult players and saw a scholastic event of 55 budding young players ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

In the main event Chess in the Schools dominated the U2200, U1800, and U1400 sections taking the top prize in each with impressive scores of 5.5 in each section!  A full list of prizes can be found below.

U2200 Championship Section Prizes:1: Shaun Smith                        5.52: Alexander Hu                      5.0

3: Nancy Wang                        5.0

4: Yuvanshu Agarwal              4.5

5: Mikhail Chevliagine            4.5

U2000: Steve Xue                    4.0

U1900: Alan Hu                       4.0

U1800: Samuel Mo                 4.0

Under 13: Pardhav Chakka     3.5

Under 16: Vrithik Umapathy   4.0

Senior: Tim Hall                      4.0

U1800 Reserve Section Prizes:1:  Marcus Sutton                    5.52: Ashwin Kaliyaperumal        5.0

3: Li Heng Wang                      4.5

4: Glen B Hart                         4.5

5: Eric Zhang                           4.0

U1600: Sebastion Meesin       4.0

U1500: Koiip Lam                   4.0

Under 13: Cayden Yang          4.0

Under 16: Sakura Laporte       4.0

Senior: Brian Levine                3.5

U1400  Booster Section Prizes:1: Helen Xue                            5.52: Eric Levin                             5.5

3: Desmond Lam                     5.0

4: Alfred Franco                      5.0

5:Aarush Iyengar                    4.5

U1200: Yakov Krayne              4.0

U1100: Jason Zhong                4.0

U1000: Angelina Li                  3.0

U900: Joshua Dong                 3.0

U800: Ngina Valdez                2.5

Under 13: Vedanta Das           4.0

Under 16: Ayden Santiago      4.0

Senior: Brian Cige                   4.0

Every year this event is held at the lovely Hyatt Regency in Morristown NJ.  Players enjoy the close proximity of public transportation as well as a green to relax at in between rounds and a plethora of restaurants to enjoy.  For those who finish early there is much to do, and for the players of the longer games there is a Starbucks in house for that extra jolt to get you through the endgame.

Overall the players seem to enjoy their time.  Congratulations to all of the players who fought over the board this year.  See you next Memorial Day!

Click HERE to see prizes and results


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