U2200 Section:

1st – Michael Yen

2nd – Vinko Rutar

3rd – Andy Chen

4th – Sam Sloan

5th – Alan Gu

Top Under 13 – David Zhurbinsky

Top Under 16 – Ryan Feng

Top Senior – Timothy Hall

U2000 – Taran Idnani

U1900 – Stanley Liu

U1800 – Eddy Tian

U1800 Section:

1st – Yassamin Ehsani

2nd – Ankit Raparthi

3rd – Dilsher Maini

4th – Aayusha Ajith

5th – Nicole Yen

Top Under 13 – Roman Brustein

Top Under 16 – Steven Feng

Top Senior – Edward Sytnik

U1600 – William Xia

U1500 – Todd Jobson

U1400 Section:

1st – William Yang

2nd – Ohm Shah

3rd – Brian Cige

4th – Nikhil Vaddepally

5th – Dina Brustein

Top Under 13 – Joseph Wu

Top Under 16 – Jacob Sharp

Top Senior – Stan Rydz

U1200 – Johji Nakada

U1100 – Malina Pavlova

U900 – Sean-Winston Luo

U800 – Patrick Falco


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