Chess for Kids, Games Galore! NJ Reach Events: Chess Learning Event for Students

Chess for Kids, Games Galore!

Every Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm 

West Windsor Public Library (333 N Post Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550)
Contact:  Erick Yan (

Chess lovers, youth, and adults are gathered in the library to learn and improve their chess skills. The players are divided into two groups: beginners and experienced players. Beginners are taught the basics, such as the name of the pieces, chess principles, and how to play a game, while experienced players learn various topics such as openings and endgames. All players will play games against similar-level opponents after lessons. The weekly gathering allows players, especially young children, to come together in a group environment to play chess and get real tournament experience over the board!

The timely classes/game sessions are overseen by volunteers from nearby West Windsor Plainsboro High School and Montgomery High School. All the volunteers have played in multiple national USCF tournaments. The volunteers work with different groups, teaching, playing, and overall making sure everything runs smoothly.


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