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SEP 3-5, 2022

Sept. 3rd, 2022 – New Jersey Scholastic K-8 Championship

Sept. 3-5 2022 – 74th New Jersey OPEN Championship

2022 US Amateur East Individual – May 28-30 2022


The New Jersey State Chess Federation (NJSCF) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of chess. For many years the NJSCF has been holding chess tournaments in order to give New Jersey players an outlet to play.NJSCF runs two big name national tournaments every year, The World Amateur Team East and the Amateur East Individual tournament the NJSCF stays active in both state-wide and national chess.


Sep 3-5.   74th Annual New Jersey Open Championship

Sep 3-5. 74th Annual New Jersey Open Championship

REGISTER HERE   A Heritage Event!  US Chess Junior Grand Prix! Sept. 3rd-5th or Sept. 4th-5th New Jersey US CHESS GRAND PRIX POINTS: 80 74th Annual New Jersey Open Championship – Over $8,000 in Prizes – based on 150 paid entries. 6-SS, 40/2, SD/30 d5. Newly Renovated!...

2022 New Jersey Senior Championship

2022 New Jersey Senior Championship

   Register HERE A State Championship Event!   May. 22   2022 NJ State Senior Championship 4SS, G/60 d5. Address: 20000 Horizon Way Suite 600 A, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Inquiries: (703) 989-6867. FORMAT:  3 Sections - Must be 50 years old by 12/31/2022 3...

June 5 Qualifiers links

June 5 Qualifiers links

ICC link https://www.chessclub.com/grid/USAE This includes links to on-going games SwissSys server https://www.swisssys.com/event_selector.php Select              June 5 NJ Qualifiers Select the section and you will be able to see Wall Chart, Standings and Pairings...

NJ HS Championship 2022

NJ HS Championship 2022

NJ HS Championship State Championship Event Union County Vocational Technical School Saturday, March 5, 2022 - Sunday, March 6, 2022 REGISTER HERE MAR 5-6, 2022. NEW JERSEY HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP 5SS, G/60 d5. Union County Vocational Technical School, 1776 Raritan...

New Jersey State Chess Federation:

NJSCF is not just about teaching few strategies from manuals or helping you find some good moves on the board. We believe the game of chess has the power to transform how you think and live your life, thus creating true
chess champions and life champions.


NJ Chess



Benefits of Playing Chess 

  • Creativity – Concentration – Discipline
    Logical Reasoning – Critical Thinking – Problem Solving
    Complex Decision Making – Pattern Recognition
    Learning From Mistakes – Memory – Intellectual Maturity
    Planning Ahead – Dealing With Undesirable Situations – Responsibility for Actions
    Commitment – Analyzing Actions & Consequences

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