March 9 2021
Fair Play analysis has been completed. The algorithms they used were reviewed by a National Master and the final results and prizes are now posted. Prizes will be mailed within the next ten days Congratulations to all winners! And to all who played!
NJ State Chess Federation
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The New Jersey State Chess Federation (NJSCF) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of chess. For many years the NJSCF has been holding chess tournaments in order to give New Jersey players an outlet to play. NJSCF runs two big name national tournaments every year, The World Amateur Team East and the Amateur East Individual tournament the NJSCF stays active in both state-wide and national chess.
Prior to USATE 21, Chief TD, Steve Doyle will host two pre-tournament town hall meetings in order to answer questions and concerns:
Exciting Twitch coverage of the World Amateur Team will be hosted by the Garden State Passers and Montclair Sopranos. Bringing grandmaster analysis, featured games, post-match interviews as well as interviews with special guests such as former US Chess Presidents, authors, poker pros and more.
A pleasant weekend of chess with Jersey locals and teams from around the world!


50 TH Anniversary WORLD AMATEUR TEAM & U.S. TEAM EAST. ONLINE ICC at 6SS, game 60 delay 10 seconds. Open to 4- player teams-no alternate. Team average (4 highest ratings—2021 January Rating list) must be under 2200. Teams rated over 2000 average no more than 1000 points between board 3 and 4. Touchdown page at ICC for rules and info on advance practice: https:/
EF: $160 postmarked by 1/25/2021 After ALL-$200 all teams, No Entries after 2/10/21. Check out official website Prizes: 1-5th Place teams, Engraved wooden anniversary chess set leather box! ; Top Team (Denis Barry Award) U2100, 2000, 1900, 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500, 1400, 1000 each 4 Engraved Wooden anniversary sets leather box; Top college team (same school) 4 Digital Clocks & 4 heavy weighted plastic Hastings chess sets in engraved leather bags. Top HS team (grades 9-12 same school), Top Middle School (grades 5-9 same school), Top Elementary School (grades K-6 same school), Top Scholastic team (Collins Award), Mixed Doubles (2 males, 2 females-), Seniors (all players over age 50), each 4 Digital Clocks to top team; Company Team (same employer-non educational) , Top Coaches (educational), Top team all female, Family (4 family members), each 4 heavy weighted plastic sets in engraved bags. State teams—CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, NY (Benjamin Award), PA, VA, each plaque top team ; Special Plaques: Top Future team, (all players under age 10), Top Military College, Top Parent/Child (2 pairs, one parent, one child), Best Player 1-4 –All 6-0 scores each Digital clock. Entry fee refunded to team with Best “Chess related” name, — Best “Chess Related costumes or gimmick”—entry refunded. Sat 2/13 Rds. 10-2-7, Sun 9-1-6 Surprises and special give-aways!! Two days only!! Grandmaster commentary. Same hysterical event with great chess!! Best pajama prize , Best masks award, team with best slippers. For help forming teams and more information contact: or Chks payable to NJSCF, mail by 1/25/21 to: NJSCF, 17 Stonehenge Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. (Include Team name, Captain, players full names, USCF Expiration, ID numbers and ratings in board order). No team can include more than two GM’s. Include SASE for confirmation if wanted, No registered or certified mail accepted.