The 50th celebration of the Team as it is affectionately known. Or officially the US Amateur Team East and World Amateur Team Championship. 

In honor of the occasion we will have a very limited run of 125 chess sets in a commemorative engraved leather box available for $225.00. This set retails for $365.00. The design chosen was the replica of the 1966 Havana Cuba Olympiad set a variation of this chess set was chosen by Bobby Fischer for the 1972 World Championship match in Iceland. 

A stunning set it has beautiful knights and is well weighted and felted. 

Also a limited run of Plastic sets the famous Hastings design-have been procured. These come in an engraved commemorative leather bag.  The price for the plastic sets are $35.00. 

Both can be obtained by mailing a check payable to the New Jersey Chess Federation and mailed to PO Box 426 Island Heights NJ 08732. 

Pick up will be at the event in February. No shipping will be done unless by special request include an additional $25 for the wooden set and $15 for plastic set. 

Only 125 of these beauties have been made. First come first serve. Reserve yours today!!!


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