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PRO League - GM Molner on Montclair Sporanos Season

  From Montclair New Jersey come the boldest, baddest team in the PRO Chess League.  What calls, "one of the most interesting teams" in the league.  Featuring five Grandmasters and led by Montclair NJ locals, the team is Managed by Sean Finn,  The Sopranos are generously sponsored by the New Jersey State Chess Federation. TheRead More

May 27, US Amateur K-8 East Under 1200

May 27, US Amateur K-8 East Under 1200 5-SS, G/30 d5. Hyatt Morristown, 3 Speedwell Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960. If staying, for chess rate ($124 per night), details at or call Phone: 973-647-1234, mention NJ Chess. Free parking, public transportation to NYC, Philadelphia. walking distance, 30 restaurants, shops and parks within 5 minute stroll.Read More