U2200 Championship Section

1. Rao, Keshav

2. Edwards, Jon

3. Ni, Winston

4. Hrop, Stephen

5. Rutar, Vinko

Under 2000: Tsay, Vincent

Under 1900: Agarwal, Yuvanshu

Under 1800: Xia, William

Under 16: Ling, Evan

Under 13: Zhurbinsky, David

Senior: Tim Hall

U1800 Reserve

1. Han, David

2. Yang, William

3. Fu, Allen

4. Van Selous, Marko

5. Jhaveri, Aryan

Under 16: Shah, Ohm

Under 13: Ming, Albert

Senior: Sprechman, Hal

Under 1600: Pu, Henry

Under 1500: Hu, Alexander

U1400 Booster

1. Wu, Justin

2. Cige, Brian

3. Murugan, Karthik

4. Cige, William

5. Iyer, tanishq

Under 16: Pavlova, Malina

Under 13: Wang, Brandon

Senior: Danko, Steven

Under 1200: Klymchuk, Daniel

Under 1100: Totaro, Isaiah

Under 1000: Raparthi, Viru

Under 900: Chakka, Pardhav

Under 800: Van Selous, Abigal


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